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What A Week…..

We had wind damage to our house where our fence is a wreck, a broken window and roof damage. Thank God no one was hurt.

I love watching my oldest run into his school after a drop him off.  So full of excitement and wonder.

I love you infant crawling on top of me when I lay on the floor to watch TV.  He must think I am a mountain that needs to be conquered.

We had another bad storm last night and the weather sirens went off.  We huddled in the master bedroom walk-in closet until it passed. The second storm caused me to review my home-made emergency kit I leave in the closet.

  • crackers
  • bottled water
  • weather radio
  • first aid kit
  • candy
  • baby snacks
  • dry cereal in a zip lock bag
  • wash cloth and small towel

I picked these ideas up from other disaster resources and put all of it in a old paint bucket that has a lid.  If you are in a true disaster and can’t get out of your safety place, someone in the family will need to use the bathroom and a bucket with a lid is a lifesaver.

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1 Shawn Williams { 04.18.08 at 9:26 pm }

Speaking of this week, thanks for introducing me to bloglines. I have gotten more information in less time. What a blessing.

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